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Dr Manu Shrimali’s Quit Smoking Treatment Program at healthyself praxis
(Surest and Easiest way to Quit on the planet)

Quit smoking therapy & treatment


Your reaction might be either “Miraculous or JUST cannot WORK.” It is indeed MIRACULOUS and yes, it DOES WORK !

Why do people get addicted to begin with and why do they stay and addicted ?

Most people would have tried smoking or tried a drug for “fun”, wanting to appear “grown up” during a rebellious phase of their life, some attribute it to poor “family dynamics”, an overwhelming number will attribute it to “peer pressure”. Each “addictive substance” imprints its frequency upon all cells your body comprises of. In other words cells in your body have a “memory” of the addictive substance and each time you try stop ingesting it causing a decrease in blood level of that substance your body begins to “crave” that substance and you are forced to ingest it again. And this is why you remain addicted – fully aware of its harmful effects on your own self, your family and others who love and care for you. You just can’t help yourself. But now with Bio – Resonance therapy available at your doorstep there is no excuse. It is gentle, and yet very effective.

How is Bio – Resonance any different than other forms of treatment ?

Because it ELIMINATES CRAVINGS by removing the “cell memory”. Read on ..

How to stop smoking | Bioresonance Therapy | Quit Smoking | Best way to stop smokingHow does the device work ? It picks up frequencies from the “Offending Agent”, (Nicotine / Alcohol / Drugs) inverts its frequency pattern and gives it back (inverted waveform) to you via gold plated electrodes. In effect this eliminates “cravings” and “withdrawal symptoms” so you can quit painlessly.
It’s Physics: Simply Put : When a frequency’s waveform is superimposed upon itself by its inverted waveform, it results in a straight line. For purpose of illustration, lets the case of nicotine, the machine reads frequency of nicotine inverts it and gives the “inverted frequency pattern” back into your body – these in effect neutralizes nicotine in your body (very much like noise cancellation headphones neutralize ambient noise) and therefore all your body’s imprint of nicotine is removed, URGE to smoke is gone, and process of nicotine elimination begins.
With some variations de – how to quit smoking cigarettes, addiction for drugs, alcohol, tea, and coffee will also follow similar treatment procedures.
Why the name healthyself praxis ? You are healing yourself using your own energy patterns – hence the name healthyself. Being a German technological marvel – it is befitting to use the German name Praxis which means Practice in German.

Highlights of My Non-Smoking & Other De – Addiction Therapies :

  • Minimal and Easily Manageable Cravings
  • Painless
  • No side Effects
  • Completely Non Invasive
  • Extremely Effective
  • No Medication
  • No Chemicals
  • No Radiation

Any therapy can’t Get Any Better !

But why would I want to How to quit smoking cigarettes ? Here are some reasons as to why : Best way to stop smoking

1. This photograph shows only few of the millions of toxins you inhale with each puff of Cigarette Smoke. You ingest poisons that were used in Gas Chambers, those used in Solvents, Lethal poisons such as Arsenic, Pesticides, and those found in exhaust fumes of vehicles among many more. Both Men and Women you cause great damage to your genetic makeup – effects of which are then passed on to your children. Is it fair to inflict them with effects of toxins you chose to recreate yourself with ?

How to Quit Smoking | Best way to stop smoking | Drug addiction treatment | quit smoking treatment & therapy

2. Common Diseases you WILL get if you don’t STOP

Diseases of smoking | effects of smoking | quit smoking | Cancer Diseases

3. How can you possibly justify telling your children it’s okay for you to smoke, but not them ? You have no MORAL sanction to do so unless you set an example yourself.

4. Are you one of millions who want to stop smoking but have been either putting it off or use it as a crutch telling yourself you need it because of your stressful life style ? dont know Best way to stop smoking?

5. Do you enjoy the activity so much that you don’t want to Quit ? If so remember there was a time you did not smoke and were very happy, perhaps more than now.

6. Do you have pangs of guilt when your children, parents or spouse beg you to stop ?

7. Do you really want to stop – but don’t have the will power to ?

8. Do you hate being an outcaste – huddled away in some smokers’ zone secluded at airports, looked upon by passerby’s as some hapless animal, craving a puff of poison ?

9. Are you prepared to be a Mother who smoked and give birth to low IQ babies – with few survival skills.

10. Do you suffer from Bronchial Diseases and get frequent chest infections? Do you wake up in the night because you can’t breathe ?

11. Is your Blood Pressure dangerously high and you are not able to control it ?

Drug addiction treatment | smoking disease | smoking effects | how to quit smoking



Commonly Asked Questions

Okay, I have decided to quit but I am still not convinced that Bio – Resonance Therapy is the way to go forward. How do I know this will work for me ? how is this therapy is Best way to stop smoking.

You have taken the first step WANTING TO QUIT. Let us watch a short Video about two journalists who quit smoking the Bio – Resonance way

Okay, What next ?
Take Dr Manu’s Quit Smoking Treatment ( Best way to stop smoking( How to quit smoking cigarettes ) on the planet), using the latest device, imported minerals and chips – all imported directly from Germany.

What’s it going to cost me ?
Rs 19,750 / – per person payable at start of first session of therapy

That’s way too much!
Cost of getting your health back is incalculable. How much do you spend on your addiction per month ? What is the amount you will pay per day (minimum) if admitted to an ICU with even a minor affliction. Do not compromise your health.

What is included in this price ?

1. Two therapy sessions of one hour each
2. High grade steel memory chip from Germany
3. Imported Minerales’ from Bicom Germany
4. 24 / 7 Support : Anytime day or night; if you feel irresistible urge to smoke – come right back, I will be in possession of your half smoked cigarette / sample and will administer the therapy. You should not need more than two or at most three treatments.

Any Discounts ? Yes

  • Student’s Discount : 15 % – Please get your valid students identity card
  • Two or more friends coming for treatment at the same time : 15 % discount
  • Senior Citizens Discount if you are over 60 Years of age. Please bring proof of age.

What is Bioresonance and where can I read more about it ?
Google has “Bio Resonance and Allergy or Smoking” and there will be lots of data.

Who will give me treatment : Myself (Dr Manu Shrimali), Nuclear Medicine Specialist having a Delhi Medical Council accredited Number.

During treatment will I feel electric current going through my body ?
No – you will feel nothing.

Why is it so difficult to stop ingesting nicotine (smoking / zarda / drugs ) etc ?
This is why. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. It imprints on EACH of the billions of cells that comprise your body with nicotine memory. What that means is that cells in your body have memory of nicotine and the moment your nicotine levels drop in your blood, you need to light up again.

Why should I not use Nicotine Patches and Nicotine Containing Chewing Gums instead of taking your treatment ?
Because the rationale’ is flawed. Your body needs to rid itself of nicotine, not replace nicotine from one source with another. They will not help because they merely replace nicotine ingestion through smoking / chewing, instead give it to you via chewing gum or patches. Nicotine still has you in its deadly grip.

Can psychotherapy, Meditation etc help in quitting ?
Psychotherapy, Motivational Therapy and other Behavioral Modifications have limited success because they do not address the Root Cause of Smoking. Bio resonance is the Best way to stop smoking, How to quit smoking cigarettes. For any therapy to Succeed. Nicotine Elimination and management of Withdrawal Symptoms (Cravings) need to be managed simultaneously. Motivational therapies rely on will power alone. Cravings are so powerful that hardly anyone can quit by Will Power alone. Moment nicotine levels fall in the body – you must light up again. It is no easy feat to quit without therapy that addresses nicotine elimination and elimination of withdrawal symptoms simultaneously.

Are there any side effects ?
None whatsoever.

Should I start to decrease the amount I smoke as I approach my treatment date ?
Don’t bother. The effect of treatment on you will be the same whether you smoke one cigarette a day or two packets a day.

What is the Single most important thing that I should do to help you make me QUIT ?
STAY COMITTED. I will take care of everything else CRAVINGS included.

What if I get urge to smoke in the middle of the night ?
Place two drops of Charged Minerals under your tongue (these will have frequency from the quit smoking program I have given you) – the moment of weakness WILL pass. If that does not help, call me and as I will have your smoked sample in my custody I will give you a treatment right away. I am in this with you 24 X 7. Within 24 hours you will be a different person. Remember there is no other easier way to quit on the planet. So if you want to quit THIS IS IT!

What’s the best way to contact you ?
I will not answer cell phones when I am giving treatment/How to quit smoking cigarettes. Cell Phones emanate signals that cause “Electro Smog” which compromises efficacy of Bio – Resonance treatment. Therefore, Emailing me is the surest way to get a hold of me. ( You can try calling and I will answer if I am free. SMS or WHATSAPP me

Phones : 98181 – 86862, 70427 – 63162, 95602 – 38350.

If you have read so far; chances are you are ready to make a small change that will have a HUGE IMPACT on your HEALTH, SELF ESTEEM & contribute greatly to happiness of those who love you.

Where is the praxis (Clinic) located ?
At a verdant farmhouse in Chattarpur Farms.
Treatment is given maintaining strict confidentiality.

Address :
2 Chameli Lane
DLF Chattarpur Farms (Near Landmark Called “Dus Quarter”.
New Delhi 110074

If you are like most intelligent people you must have tried and perhaps failed repeatedly. Don’t blame yourself anymore, unless you do not take my Quit Smoking Program, at healthyself praxis.

Do you have SENSE ENOUGH to make the right choice, use the latest Technology to your advantage, make use of the easiest, quickest and most effective Quit Smoking Program on the planet and emerge victorious ?


Do you prefer instead a very painful death ?

70427-63162 / 98181 – 86862 / 95602 – 38350




Reach Tivoli Gardens on Chattarpur Temple Road

Proceed Exactly One Km ahead of Tivoli Gardens and turn Right into the Security Gate with signage to the effect “Welcome to Chattarpur Farms”. Tell the Security you wish to proceed to # 2 Chameli Lane, Dr Shrimali’s Farm
Once inside the gate the road forks into two

Take the fork on your LEFT which is CENTRAL DRIVE. You are now about 2.2 KM from destination.
Stay on this Road (Central Drive) for the next 2 KM.

You will pass following roads / lanes for the next two KM. DO NOT TURN INTO ANY ONE OF THESE.

  • Palm Drive on your left
  • Cedar Av on your left
  • Ashok Av on your left
  • Link Rd on your right
  • Chinar Drive on your left
  • Daisy Lane on your Right

After having gone past Daisy Lane “Turn right at the first T- junction”
and continue driving on Central Drive
(Do not enter Pine Drive which is on your Left)

At the next T junction turn Left and continue to drive on Central Drive
( Do not enter Pearl Lane which will be on your Right)

Turn Left again at the next T Junction ONTO CHAMELI LANE.
(Do not continue on Central Drive by going right)

healthyself praxis” (Shrimali Farm) is the 1st property on your right ( Number 2 Chameli Lane) Ring the bell or Honk

On MG road and driving toward Chattarpur Metro Station, at the Petrol Pump where MG Road begins make a sharp right “U” turn onto Mandi Road

Drive 2 KM, you will pass UPPAL FARMS (blue colored board) on your left and right after having passed Uppal Farms reach a landmark called “DUS QUARTER”.

There will be a gate on your left with signage saying GATE # 2, DUS QUARTER, DLF CHATTARPUR FARMS ; turn left into the gate. A few yards away the road will veer right continue on the road – go straight ahead and enter CHAMELI LANE. Do not turn left onto CENTRAL DRIVE.

It’s the first property on your right (2 Chameli Lane)
Ring the bell

If coming on the metro : Get off at Chattarpur Metro Station. Cross over to the other side using the bridge and wait outside Aggarwal Sweets where my driver will come pick you up.

Free pick up and drop (South Delhi & Gurgaon) subject to availability. This is a complementary service that cannot be exchanged for any monetary consideration if not availed of / not available.

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