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Bio – Resonance therapy was first pioneered in Germany. Brought to you here in New Delhi, India by myself (Dr. Manu Shrimali), a Nuclear Medicine Specialist. In Bio – Resonance therapy “Resonations” taken from your own body cure and heal yourself – hence the name “healthyself praxis.” Praxis in the language German means “Practice”.

During therapy specific frequency patterns from a patient or from substances that harm or stress the organism are picked up and then sent to the BICOM device via input electrodes. Inside the device these frequency patterns are modulated, depending on the program selected by the therapist, and applied to the patient via output electrodes. Each particulate matter has a dual nature – that of matter that it comprises of and that of the frequency of that matter. Cells communicate in this manner to maintain the body in a healthy state. When these frequency patterns are disturbed, disease manifests itself.

BICOM – Device and Accessories:

Frequency Band : Indicates frequency range in which treatment is being given.

Hand, Ball and Cylindrical Electrodes : Pick up patients’ own frequency patterns; which are then modulated and given back to the patient via modulation mat. It is the output electrode placed on patients’ body. Treatment information fed into the modulation mat creates a magnetic field which penetrates deep inside the body.

Input Cup : Depending on disorder will contain secretions / excretions (blood, saliva) or harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc

Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking | bio resonance

Honey Comb : For filling with stabilizing substances

Out Put Cup : Is filled with “Carrier” substances to extend treatment – Bicom Oil (to rub in) or Bicom minerals (To consume orally). It is imperative patient uses these as directed to ensure that the treatment works.

⑥ High Grade Metallic Chip is placed here to get charged. It absorbs therapy being given and patient sticks it on his / her body using a tape – to continue to receive therapy between treatments. Again its effect cannot be overstated.

⑦ EAP Meter : Illuminated display has colored fields that clearly mark conductance value (General state of wellness of the patient, before and after treatment) also Harmful substances (Bacteria, viruses, allergens) and medicines can be tested.

⑧ Printer

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