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What is Bioresonance and where can I read more about it ? How will the therapy make me quit ?

Just Google “Bioresonance and Smoking” "Stop smoking Treatment"and there will be a flood of data to sift through. Nevertheless, briefly :
Each particulate matter has a dual nature – that of matter that it comprises of and that of the frequency of that matter. Cells communicate in this manner to maintain the body in a healthy state. When these frequency patterns are disturbed, disease manifests itself.

The BICOM Bioresonance method along with, for example, homeopathy, acupuncture and other procedures, belongs to a particular form of regulatory medicine. Within complementary medicine, BICOM Bioresonance is recognized as an effective tried and tested method of treatment.

Who will give me treatment :

Myself (Dr Manu Shrimali), Nuclear Medicine Specialist having a Delhi Medical Council accredited Number.

During treatment will I feel electric current going through my body ?

No – you will feel nothing

Why is it so difficult to stop ingesting nicotine by way of smoking / zarda /etc

Quite simply – Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. It leaves an imprint on EACH of the billions of cells that comprise your body – in effect, each cell has now a memory of nicotine and the moment your nicotine levels drop, you need to light up again. Cigarette companies have made sure you pay them for life for ruining your health.

Why not Nicotine Patches and Chewing Gums containing nicotine ?

Because the rationale’ is flawed. Your body needs to rid itself of nicotine, not replace nicotine from one source to another. They will not help because they merely replace nicotine ingestion through smoking and instead give it to you via chewing gum or patches. Nicotine still has you in its deadly grip.

Can psychotherapy, meditation etc help in quitting ?

They may help a little, but Psychotherapy, motivation, etc have very limited success because they do not address the root cause of smoking – which is that each cell in a smoker’s body has nicotine “memory.” They rely on will power. The craving of withdrawal is so strong that hardly anyone can quit by will power alone. The moment nicotine levels fall in the body – you must light up again. It is no easy feat to quit without therapy that addresses nicotine elimination from your body.

Will all my desire to smoke be gone right after the treatment/Stop smoking Treatment ?

It varies from patient to patient. Some patients have no desire to smoke. Some during first 24 hours feel like lighting up, but these urges are manageable with the minerals – two drops of which you will put under your tongue from time to time. Within those 24 hours, you will take plenty of Vitamin C and drink as much water as you can. Each time you void urine, nicotine is leaving your body. The self-control you will have to exercise would be minimal than if you were quitting without help from my program. Within the first 24 hours, 70 % of nicotine will leave your body. Depending on how you feel I will administer another treatment the day after or after three days.

Are there any side effects ?

None whatsoever

I just want to reduce the amount I smoke, not give it up entirely, is this possible ?

No, the “Nicotine” memory will not be eliminated unless you stop completely. Perhaps you find the activity so pleasurable – that you don’t want to give it up entirely – for you then I say, remember there was a time when you did not smoke and were probably felt better that you do now. Once the nicotine leaves your body – you will not crave it, so why will you want to light up again.

Should I start to decrease the amount I smoke as I am approaching my first Stop smoking Treatment date ?

No; the effect of treatment on you will be the same whether you are smoking one cigarette a day or two packets a day.

What is the single most important thing that I should do to help you make me QUIT ?


What if I have urges in the middle of the night ?

Put two drops of charged minerals under your tongue (these will have the frequency from the quit smoking program I have given you) – the moment of weakness will pass. If that does not help, call me and as I will have your smoked sample I will give you a treatment right away. However, you have to make sure you help me, help you by not becoming weak, and not even smoke a puff. I am in this with you 24 X 7. You may need to exercise some self-restraint – yes, but it will not be uncontrollable, if you follow the directions – in 24 hours you will be a different person. Moreover, remember there is no other easier way to quit on the planet. So if you want to quit THIS IS IT.


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