Bioresonance Therapy India: Future of Medicine Right Here Today!

Bio Resonance Therapy was pioneered in Germany, brought to you here in New Delhi, India by Dr. Manu Shrimali. BioResonance  is called so because this modality of treatment uses “Resonations” taken from the patient’s body (Bio), modulated and given back to the patient.

Disturbances in the way cells communicate with one another leads to disease or addictions. Bioresonance Therapy corrects these imbalances and restores health by removal of allergens and toxins. After toxin and allergy removal your body cures and heals itself.

Inspired by this treatment that heals patients using their own resonances, my Clinic is thus called “healthyself praxis.” healthy is self-explanatory. “Practice” in German is pronounced as Praxis. Which is why Clinic is called “healthyself praxis“.